Health Benefits Of Strength Training

We all know that a proper strength training exercise strengthens and tones our muscular system but many of us are not aware it does so much more in the health stakes. This valuable tool can make a real difference to your health and wellness and here are some of the ways:

Improve your Immunity – The strength of your immune system depends on the availability of the amino acid glutamine which is stored in muscle tissue. This is the fuel for the production of anti-bodies, white blood cells and killer cells which fight infection and find and destroy cancer cells. If muscles are allowed to shrivel and weaken with lack of use the immune system which is the amour and defense system of the human body also weakens and becomes susceptible to disease.

Strengthen your bones – Your muscles are attached to your bones and if they weaken the bones weaken and become brittle as well. The body does not keep bones strong if there is no need. The state and condition of your muscular system is what determines your bone strength right throughout your life and go together hand in hand.

Protect yourself from diabetes – The muscle cells are where fuel (calories/glucose) is burnt for energy so keeping them strong and toned with proper exercise means more glucose from the bloodstream is taken up by the muscle cells and harmlessly used up.
Weak, flabby muscles have no need for fuel and energy so more is left in the blood stream and higher amounts of insulin are needed to try and push the glucose somewhere. If nowhere can be found it finds its way into body parts and tissues and does damage.
Diabetes comes from long term damage to blood vessels and organs from high blood sugar levels and high insulin levels. A strong muscular system will mop us excess glucose so it will never lie around causing mischief.

Arthritis will not be a problem for you – A strong muscular system means you are being active taking your limbs through their ranges of movement under a load. This is what keeps your joints lubricated and moving freely. Strong muscles protect joints and backs from the stress of everyday activities and when muscles weaken they not longer give enough support to joints like the knees which then allows bone to grind away on bone.

The biggie – metabolic rate reduction means more body fat and the associated health risks of being overweight. If your muscles are not kept strong with proper exercise you will lose around one half a pound of tissue each year.
As muscle is what drives the metabolism (your bodies engine) and determines the rate you burn fuel any loss means you are likely to become overweight. Only strength training exercise can stop this loss, but with just 2-3 sessions each week you can keep yourself strong and avoid the health risks that losing your muscle tissue can mean.
These few important benefits are only a fraction of the total available through the magic of strength training exercise. There is not a single better thing you can do for your overall health and wellbeing.
So get yourself started on your program and grab yourself your share of vitality, strength, disease protection, increased energy and longevity so you can travel along the road of life fully equipped and prepared.